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More About Our Artisanal Cashmere Scarves

Hauté Artisanal Embroidery

Spun from 100% finest  cashmere yarns from Kashmir, these over sized scarves have a haute-artisanal touch that is inspired by an opulent floral embroidery and softest of Cashmere.

LuxQ Cashmere scarves are beautifully hand embroidered with creeping vines and blossoming flowers, alongside the brand's signature paisley. Each piece is handmade using the softest Cashmere and time-honoured  embroidered techniques. 

Delicate and refined, each piece carries the artisans initials discretely embroidered in the corner.

Over sized scarves

Each 100 % Cashmere scarf is 100x200 cm approx.

The wide shape and long length give our scarves a cozy, enveloping feel. Wear yours looped twice around your neck or draped over one shoulder. 

Our scarves are both lightweight and warming, allowing them to be worn in a multitude of climates. Gently frayed edges keep the pieces casual, so pair with denim on weekends or wear over the shoulder on long-haul trips.


The brand crafts its collection in Kashmir using a combination of artisanal techniques and sumptuous, Cashmere for an ultimate luxurious feel.

Our scarves are made of  wool shorn from the underbelly of indigenous goats which live in the remote and freezing cold high altitude areas of the Himalayan regions of Nepal, Tibet and Central Asia .These animals are blessed with a very short inner coat of hair, which is one of the best natural insulation in the world. The “Pashm” which is the Persian word for “wool”, refers to the inner coat fur of the Tibetan goat named Carpa Hircus. These goats only graze in the west Himalayan Mountains. The Cashmere wool is hand spun and hand woven which then is dyed using only natural dyes, which are heavy metal and acid-free. 

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