Style # NR 1290

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  • Size 1 metre x 2 metre
  • Finished with self fringed ends
  • Slim two-toned border detailed embroidery
  • Colour Red Available
  • Dry clean only
  • 100% Pure Cashmere
  • Hand made and embroidered in Kashmir 
  • Free Global shipping

Committed to craftsmanship, the Lux Q brand considers any unique variances to be intrinsic characteristics that are a result of this hand-made style being produced using artisanal techniques.

Lady in Red! This Cashmere over sized scarf is truly stunning in every way. The slim border hand embroidery  makes the scarf look even more smart.The borders are made of a different Red making the distinction stand out. The deep Reds will lift you and your attire to chic land! Both lightweight and long, so you can drape it loosely when the seasons are changing and then loop it twice when the temperature drops.